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Once again, it … Less importantly, it was a 2012 drama starring SM stars Sulli and Choi Minho. In the “Eight” music video, a lizard appears on the window of IU’s plane then later transforms into a dragon. IU dedicated a song for Sulli at her '2019 IU Concert Love Poem'.. IU and Sulli are well-known friends. And the drama was most notable for Sulli's cross-dressing. In mid of February, Vogue Korea released their pictorial with "To the Beautiful You" actress Sulli. Sulli performing IU's "Peach" as a girl dressed as a boy dressed as a girl To The Beautiful You is not just a Wonder Girls song! Kim Soo-hyun met IU in the drama The Producers. A popular theory regarding IU's new song "Eight" has fans tearing up.. 11 talking about this. Sulli, who was a member of girl group f(x), was found dead at 3.20pm on 14 October after her manager went to her house when he was unable to … October 23, IU made a post on her Instagram for the fourth anniversary of “Chat-Shire,” her mini album released in 2015, featuring a drawing from her late friend Sulli. I see you Sulli. Sulli dikenal dekat dengan banyak selebritas Korea. IU and Suga surprised their fans with “Eight”, their new collaboration, which has broken several records on music platforms. "As goes for everyone, I'm worried about Taeyeon and IU. Meninggalnya Sulli f(X) beberapa waktu lalu menyisakan duka dan kehilangan mendalam bagi fans serta teman-temannya. Check out who ruled this look! [ +209 / -263] Look how nice IU is.. T_T Since she knows Sulli can’t eat egg yolk, she took it out T_T_T_T She is so generous [ +163 / -23] There are many crazy people making stories that IU and Sulli fight hahahaha They even made rumors of Choiza and Sulli breaking up.. Sulli IU Peach Couple. On October 6, Sulli shared a photo of a home-cooked meal that IU had personally prepared for her on Instagram. She wore Tory Burch's green Kendra cardigan ($395) over white garden party Kia bow blouse ($295) and paired with… IU's collaborative song with BTS's Suga "Eight," released on May 6, made netizens emotional after some theories claimed that it might be dedicated to the late K-pop Idols Sulli and Jonghyun. K-pop stars Sulli and Choiza dated for two years before reportedly splitting in early 2017. The movie was released on June 28th, 2017, in South Korea. Other than Kim Soo-hyun, other well-known actors, such as Sung Dong-il, Lee Sung-min, Sulli, and Jo Woo-jin also star in the movie. Mereka pasti punya banyak memori. The post compared several gifs and images of IU and Sulli, concluding that the two singers both share a unique open-mouth, teeth-baring smile. Sulli, IU, and Yeo Jin Goo put on a big smile on set for 'Hotel Del Luna'.. On August 11, tvN aired the 10th episode of 'Hotel Del Luna' where Sulli was featured as a celebrity cameo. On October 14, 2019, Sulli from f(x) died at the age of 25. Choiza, a member of Korean hip-hop group Dynamic Duo, and Sulli… Goodbye, Sulli,” the 28-year-old added in the clip. Meanwhile, for Sulli, it was a big opportunity to show her acting skills and also a step towards playing in other movies. The Choiza-Sulli scandal is probably one of the funniest ones to have ever come out of Korean entertainment. According to a netizen on Instiz, IU’s smile is so similar to former f(x) member Sulli‘s smile that a post was created to show how similar the two look. Sulli, Son Ye Jin and IU goes up against each other in Tory Burch's cardigan! Watching her keep her post until the very end made me think… To be honest, I was a bit angry that Sulli left so many of her good friends behind. IU’s “Peach” has become a balm to the hearts of those mourning Sulli’s passing. I knew she was one of my ultimate bias for a reason I have such good taste in bias, I LOVE art I'm even really obsessed with selling paintings ~~ and then theres people who thought she was just a useless visual shame on ya ~ edit- I hope she really is a painter otherwise I … Kim Sook asked how the cameo happened, and Sulli replied, “I was contacted by IU, who asked me if I could do it. Some fans have theorized that the lizard/dragon could represent Jonghyun, who loved the Pokemon Charmander, while the girl in white could be Sulli. I went to Sulli’s funeral a couple of days ago, and IU – who’s well known to be her best friend – came very early and talked with many people about Sulli. Meanwhile, 2 more close sisters of Sulli – Taeyeon (태연) and IU (아이유) – have also decided to postpone their comeback in … Sulli and IU’s friendship is still going strong!. So, what do you prefer? She said it was a role that she liked. However, beyond the success of the song, several fans were moved by the lyrics of “Eight”, as there is a theory that it may be a dedication to his friends Sulli and Jonghyun , … but I was a bit embarrassed because all the lyrics were compliments.” IU and Sulli are one of the closest friends in the entire K-Pop industry. The dragon flies into the sky to catch a girl in white. On Oct. 14, a shocking and sad piece of news took place in the K-Pop industry and it was confirmed by SM Entertainment that Sulli had passed away.. For those who might already know, Sulli was a close friend of solo singer, IU.Sulli had also made a cameo in popular drama tvN "Hotel Del Luna" which IU was the lead actress. I … Sulli also revealed that IU had written a full song about her titled, “Peach” she added: “She wrote the song about me. Some fans of IU interprets the song with IU's deceased friends, Sulli and Jonghyun. Kami semua berteriak kami mencintainya (emoji menangis)" Para penggemar sangat mengkhawatirkan keadaan IU, sebab dalam kurun waktu 2 tahun, ia kehilangan 3 sahabatnya, yaitu Jonghyun, Sulli, dan Goo Hara. Many netizens believe that elements of the music video are a direct reference to Sulli… Sulli dan IU adalah teman baik, lalu Goo Hara dan IU pernah bersama-sama mempromosikan 'Love Poem'. The kiss scene between Kim Soo-hyun and IU or between Kim Soo-hyun and Sulli? Salah satunya IU. Together, they fly by IU… 11-09-2020 - Khám phá bảng của Hậu Đậu"Sulli IU" trên Pinterest. In that drama, Kim Soo-hyun played the role of an innocent producer named Baek Seung-chan. She said it was a role that she liked. The Facts Behind Kim Soo-hyun’s Kiss Scene with IU. 219 likes. Kuatlah, IU," ujar @lydiaaq_" IU akan baik-baik saja," ucap @DeeSaram" Kumohon IU, tetaplah kuat," kata @chumspembalut. Meanwhile, IU played the role of Cindy, an arrogant singer. There were so many ironies that forced fans to face the hypocrisy and realities that dominate the industry they so love. Article: Sulli, looking prettier in latest updates... "long legged goddess" Source: Sports Chosun via Nate 1. 2 dari 5 halaman. Kemudian IU berhenti sejenak terdiam sebelum paduan suara terakhir. IU made the song 'Peach' about Sulli and showed her love for her through it. And just over one month later, on November 24, Goo Hara from KARA passed away at just 28. The couple was called the Umbrella Couple because of their romantic scene under an umbrella.

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