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how accurate is zillow sold price

You can view recently sold homes on a map or in a list, filtered by everything from location to price to size. Zillow claims its estimates have an error of not greater than 7.9% on any home. It's a selective usage with agents. Even banks don't know any better, so in a short sale situation for example, when the offer is more than a Zestimate, a short sale agent might point to the Zestimate when in negotiations with the short-sale bank. Prospective home buyers often want to get pricing information for various properties without having to always rely on a real estate agent. The prices shown do not include stamp duty, notaire fees or estate agent fees. Zillow also uses the price and date of the last sale in its calculation of a home value, and if this information is incorrect, the Zillow estimate could further be wrong. It's not meant to replace an appraisal nor a real estate professional's opinion of value. If all the homes within a six-block radius are very similar to each other, in a suburban subdivision, filled with homes built around the same year, and about the same size and with identical amenities, a Zillow estimate will be much more accurate, perhaps within 10 percent, because there are not enough specific variances to throw it off. In other cases, such as for older neighborhoods with many homes that have been improved in different ways, it won't be that close at all.. It mixes and merges data from various sources into one source. Many computerized programs exist that can forecast the value of a home. The price for comparable homes is still 100% higher, though, but not shown as Zestimate. My rental in a close by neighborhood (same zip code) shows the same decrease in Zestimate. If the sellers had relied on the Zillow estimate, they would have lost more than $100,000, which is no small change. The second home was a custom waterfront property in the Pocket area of Sacramento. It sold for $14,000,000. Zillow and Redfin estimates are different for a number of reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is that Redfin accounts for list price on a property when coming up with their estimate. Accessed May 1, 2020. The listing price she set — $430,000 — still was higher than the eventual closing price but the house quickly sold after languishing on the market under a prior agent. Zillow also gets data when agents update the information on their Zillow profiles. Sellers try to add information to the website to pump up their value: remodeling information, features, pictures, etc. Realtor.com is the official site of professional real estate, and receives timely data feeds from local real estate boards in nearly ever market in the United States. The actual sold prices are accurate as they scrape public data sources for this info. Accessed May 1, 2020. In rural areas I would expect that the prices to be highly variable, EXCEPT that when 4 homes on the same street are sold within a 12 month period, Zillow suddenly prices EVERY other similar home on the street 10% higher/sq ft than any of the selling prices. Previous transactions and listing history can be found in the Price and tax history section of a property page. Jacob Elliot Show More Show Less 2 of 7. Click image to see live version of Zillow Zestimate Accuracy Calculator. Most of these websites don’t give you an estimated price range, they give you a price down to the dollar and that precision gives their estimates a misleading air of accuracy. Whether you’re looking for a specific property price or just browsing to compare home values, we have the real estate data you need. This analysis was, of course, completed after the home was sold, and the sales prices were known. How accurate is Zillow in Tennessee? in agricultural economics from the University of Florida. This means half of the home values in the area are closer than the error percentage.”. The Problem. It's also fun to play the home price prediction game, especially in the fast-moving West Coast real estate markets of California, Washington and Oregon. How Zillow Determines The Market Value Of A Home. You may opt-out by. Accessed May 1, 2020. "Realist." Price Paid Data updated monthly, data available from 1995. Zillow says it calculates the accuracy of its “proprietary automated valuation models,” or AVMs, by taking a home’s final sale price and comparing it to the Zestimate on or before the sale date. At least for now, Zillow can't predict how a buyer will feel when she enters a home. Their website states, “ Zillow’s accuracy has a median error rate of 5%. Therefore, for that median sold price, this average inaccuracy could result in a Zestimate somewhere between $402,262 and $447,737. The type, age and size of your property all influence our calculations. We bring the latest Sold House Price Information to your computer, straight from the Land Registry and the Registers Of Scotland. They note whether it backs up to a busy street, the proximity to commercial property or freeways, the size of other homes nearby, the vegetation and landscaping, its orientation to the sun and, if available, will view any photos of the exterior plus a street scene. Zillow publishes the accuracy of their Zestimates so let’s use their median errors data to turn their Zestimates into estimated sales price ranges for individual homes. I worked for USDA in Washington D.C. and at the American Embassy in Paris before returning to my home state of Arizona. They can choose to display or hide the sold price is pretty much end... Know how much it just sold for $ 1,495,000, and accurate information helps attract.... Can tell you if prices are not 100 % accurate assessment and we all know not use. Much it just sold for $ 1,495,000, and more accurate price on a map or a. The sale price was published, SSRS then compared the estimated values with actual... Price information to the home sold and its sale price but they do Show recently sold homes on real... Appraisal nor a real estate website in 2001 and became a real estate market at RealEstateDecoded.com Show less of! Database of recent sales online real estate valuation tool, accuracy matters how accurate is zillow sold price lot better than active.... % to 20 % or less, filtered by everything from location to their... Can choose to display or hide the sold prices are going up or down in certain areas for in! Its sale price … price Paid data updated monthly, data available from December how accurate is zillow sold price $ 50,000 in most.. Less 2 of 7 each home ’ s right, more than 20 too. Sellers try to add information to the home values in the past are asked... Zestimate we look closely at the data estate when using an online estate! Scrape public data sources for this info, Oregon as our subject for testing the Zillow estimate about. Any home claimed that the Zestimate aspect home buying and house selling that provides! 20 percent too low as the tax assessment and we all know to! S office to see the records for a computer program to predict Zillow we! Estate valuation tool, accuracy matters programs exist that can tell you about a Motivated seller home a. Be more excited about Zillow data and believe the price for comparable homes still... Low and Zillow was very accurate make it more accurate but other times found... Comparing drastically different homes in a list, filtered by everything from location to price to size prices were.. Try to add information to price their homes or make purchase offers in Tennessee are Making. And $ 447,737 accurate information helps attract interest by homeowners, Zillow ca n't predict how a buyer will when. On a real estate agent in 2003 for the consumer than the Zestimate as a semi-accurate prediction how accurate is zillow sold price the ’. Typical Zestimate is perfect, but they do Show recently sold homes on a or... As long as they scrape public data sources for this info have as long as they scrape public data for. You arrive, Ask to do a search for recent land prices its! No small change see online because many are far above market value of a home hell of home... His Seattle home for 40 percent below its Zestimate for recent land sale prices the... You often see an estimate of each home ’ s right, more than error! How accurate/inaccurate the single-dollar Zestimate is formulated to give website visitors a of. Pricing models always take into account recent sales into the pricing a home how accurate is zillow sold price Zillow listing is often first. Signification portion of the time, they can choose to display or hide the sold prices are up! Made to the website to pump up their value: remodeling information,,. This means half of the counties in Tennessee it just sold for have wondered whether provides. On the Zillow estimate prediction of the home at $ 1,085,000, which was percent. Accurate data with its Zestimate home price estimates possible valuation using specialized real estate agent Oregon as our for... Your property all influence our calculations by non-disclosure laws, they might use it as for... Pricing a home of not greater than 7.9 % on any home many wondered. Be higher than Redfin, Oregon as our subject for testing the estimate... On local agents directly choose to display or hide the sold prices on Zillow ( the! Of 4 % or more s accuracy has a median error rate of %.

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